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Keep up to date on how everyone is doing in the ring!

Looking forward to a great 2011 show season! Check back for results and many more updates to the website. Good luck to all!

Ottawa Kennel Club

Had a lovely weekend at the show catching up with friends and spending time with the dogs.

Monty (Pointer) went 1st/WDx2 and 1st/WD/BO, Vinnie (NS Duck Tolling Retriever- handled by John Griffith and myself) went 1st/RWD/BPIBx2 and 1st/WD/BW/BPIB/New Can.Ch., Teddy (English Springer Spaniel) went 1st/WB/BOx2 and 1st/WB/BOB, Piper (Pharoah Hound) went 1st/WB/BOBx2 and 1st/RWB.

Also enjoyed watching the Show of Shows Saturday night and worked a bit on my photography. I have not attended this show since Cedar and I were entered a few years ago. A very emotional night for me but so glad I went. :)

Halifax Kennel Club

Was so great to see everyone this past weekend. I do have to start this post off with a very sad beginning. Saturday September 3rd, we lost a dear person in the maritime show circles. I am happy to have called her friend, as can many other people. She was a wonderful woman, a great friend, and she will be missed by a great many people. I am sorry to have to say goodbye to her, and much too soon. Anita, may you rest in peace. You are loved, cherished and missed by many.

Luke (MiniLongDach) went 1st/WDx3, Joshua (Am.Cocker) went Best Veteran in breedx3, Best Veteran in Groupx2! Bella (Vizsla) went 2nd/RWB, 2nd, 1st/WB/BO, Gunner (GSD) went 1st/BPIB, Leila (Pomeranian) went 1st/WB. Handled Goliath (Bouvier) in MG7 specialty, Kodiak (Bouvier) as progeny in brood bitch, and Cordelia (Portuguese Water Dog-handled by Edgar Rojas) in breed. I am very  glad that I attended this show, and thank you to everyone for their support (we were all able to lean on each other) and for their wonderful comments on Joshua.


What another great weekend! Kahili (Vizsla) starts the weekend off with 1st/WB/BOB/BW/NewCh!, Vinnie (NS Duck Toller) went 1st/WD/BO/BPIB, 1st/ 3rd in sweeps, 1st at specialty, 1st, 1st/WD, Luna (Golden Retriever) went 1st/WB/BOx2, 1st/RWB, Fleur (Bedlington) went 1st/RWBX3, Tosca (Bedlington) went BOB/BWx2, Hogan (MiniWireDach) went BOB, Miranda (Vizsla) went 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Jimmy (Rottweiler) went 2nd/RWD, 1st/WD/BW. Handled Teigan (Doberman-handled by Erin Leblanc) in breed, at the National specialty-made it to the final 5 boys out a wonderful entry! Caleb Sinna (Bernese Mountain Dog-handled by Hayley Soar) in specialty, Marco (Belgian Shepherd-handled by Hayley Soar) in group, Nika (Doberman-handled by Erin Leblanc) went Best Veteran Bitch at the National, and showed her as VB at local specialty.

Thousand Island Kennel Club

What a weekend! Jimmy (Rottweiler) went 1st/WD, Vinnie (NS Duck Toller) went 1st/WD/BW/BPIBx2, Luna (Golden Retriever) went 1stx3, RWB, Kahili (Vizsla) went 1st/WB/BOBx3, Tony (Smooth Collie) went 1st/WD/BOBx4, Group 4th/New Can Ch!, Mister Green Jeans (Beagle) went 1st/RWD, 1st/WD/BOB/BW, Avery (Beagle) went 1st/WB/BO/BW, Diva (MiniWireDach) went 1st/WB/BOx2, Bimba (MiniWireDach) went 1st/WB/BO/BPIB, 1st/RWB/BPIB, Crosby (MiniWireDach) went BO. Handled Rue (Italian Greyhound) in group, and Darwin (Barbet) to BOB, both for handler Linda Thompson.

Limestone City Obedience & Kennel Club

Very exciting weekend! Jackson (Rhodesian Ridgeback) went 1st/WD all 4 shows, BOB/BW/Group 4th one show and AOM at the RRCEC specialty! A great weekend for the boy, his first show ever. Luna (Golden Retriever- handled by John Griffith) went 1st/WB/BO and 1st/RWB, Stanley (German Shepherd Dog- handled by Raul Olvera) went BO, Doodle (Labrador Retriever- handled by Dougie McIntyre) went 3rd. Handled Goliath (Bouvier des Flandres) as a special at their specialty, and Crosby (MiniWire Dachshund) in the breed.

Valley Kennel Club

A relaxing few days for me, allowed me time to work on my photography some. Diva (MiniWire Dachshund) went 1st/WB/BO.

Kars Community Recreation Association

Thankfully we all made it through the severe heat of the weekend! Piper went 1st/WB/BOB all 4 shows entered and ended the weekend with a Group 4th for her 2pt major! She showed so well, a very exciting weekend for us. Marvin (MiniSmooth Dachshund- handled by John Griffith) went 1st/WD/BO.

Lady Slipper Kennel Club

What a great weekend! I had such a great time with a wonderful group of dogs and an amazing groups of people. Thank you to everyone for making it such a great weekend. Madison (Am.Cocker Spaniel) went 1st/WB/BOBx4 and G3x2!, Fyre (German Shepherd Dog) went 1st/WB/BWx2, BPIBx3, 1st/RWB, 2nd/RWB and BPIG her first show at just 6 months old!, Jorja (German Shepherd Dog) went BOBx4, G2 and G4! (I do have to thank Chris Wilson for asking me to show this wonderful girl. Some of you may remember Dax who is very close to my heart, who is also Chris's. A great weekend for Jorja as her last show before heading to the whelping box.), Tripper (Samoyed) went 1st/WD/BOB/BWx2, G4 and G1 to finish his Canadian Championship! He finished his weekend going BOBx2 as a new special. Thank you to Marg and Jean for allowing me to show this fantastic boy! He is a grandson of Storm whom I handled  quite a bit in Junior Handling and have not shown a Samoyed since him, it was a very emotional weekend for all of us. Such a great weekend for everyone, many laughs and many, many happy tears. I am looking forward to my next show in the Maritimes!

GSD Specialties

This weekend was a very different weekend for me, but enjoyable none the less! Spent the weekend working on my photography, and quite pleased with some of the results. There were some wonderful dogs which made getting great photos easy. :) I did handle Gideon as the WD in BOB on Saturday. A wonderful young dog! Thank you to everyone for your compliments on my work.



Today I have a tear in my eye as I send Can.Ch.RA's Frequent Flyer back to his home in Belgium. He came to me very unsure in the ring, but has grown to be a true showman full of poise and confidence. I am so proud of him and I am thrilled that I was able to help him on his show journey. We have both learned so much from eachother and have enjoyed our time together. As of his last show, Flyer was the #1 sable American Cocker in Canada, #10 American Cocker in Canada, had over 20 BOB's from both the classes and as a special, and was a multiple group placer in Ontario as well as in the Maritimes. A huge thank you to the judges (both North American and foreign) who recognised his quality, and to the judges, breeders, owners and handlers who have helped me with him and their wonderful comments on his showmanship and conditioning. I know he and his owner will be so happy to see eachother again. :)


Evangeline Kennel Club

This weekend was Flyer's last show. Being a sable, he cannot compete once he goes home to Belgium, so we made use of our last weekend together and had a grand time! He went BOBx4 with wonderful comments from multiple judges. Ryan (English Springer Spaniel) went 1st/WDx3 to finish his Canadian Championship and 1st/RWD, Camber (Flat-coated Retriever) went 2nd, 2nd/RWBx2 and 1st/WB/BPIB, Fire (Vizsla) went 1st/RWBx3 and 1st/WB/BOB/BPIB. I was asked to fill in as Junior Handling judge and was happy to see a nice entry and many first timers to the ring! Everyone had a good time. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments on my judging and I am so glad that the very new kids had fun and it was a good experience for them.


Abegweit Kennel Club

Despite the weather not cooperating, I am glad to say no one was badly injured and all dogs are safe. There was a terrible wind that completely flattened the entire show site bring down tents, and throwing them hundreds of yards. Only dog show people would carry on. lol. Flyer went 1st/WD/BOB/BW to finish his Canadian Championship and then BOBX2 and BO as a special, and Rebelle (Phalene) went 1st/WD/BOB/BW to finish his Canadian Championship. Now time to go and buy a new tent for outdoor shows!


Oromocto Kennel Club

It was so great to catch up with even more of my east coast friends again this weekend! Flyer went BOBx4 and a G4, Mario (Mini.Wire Dachshund) went BOB/G4 only show entered, Tommy (Miniature Pinscher- handled by Diane Ammerman) went 1st/WD/BOB/BW over specials, Patty (Basset Hound) went 2nd/RWB, and Tuxedo (Pomeranian- handled by Diane Ammerman) went 1st/RWD.


South Shore Kennel Club

First show back in the Maritimes, it was so great to see everyone again! Flyer went BOB both shows. I was asked to judge Junior Handling which I have not done in the Maritimes in quite some time, and am so thrilled to see the quality of the juniors and how much they have grown. Congrats on a job well done and keep up the good work.


Ottawa Kennel Club

A good weekend! Flyer went BOBx4 and a G4, Loki (Rottweiler) went 1st/WD/BOB/BW/New.Ch. and BOB as a special, Mickey went 1st, and Marco (Belgian Shepherd) went 1st/WD/BW at the booster.


K-W Kennel Club

Got the best surprise this weekend, my Mom and Jean DeWolfe drove down for the Cocker National! meant so much to have them there. Corrie (Vizsla) went 1st/RWBx2, 1st/RWB/BPIB, and 1st/WB/BOB/BPIBX2. Flyer went 3rdx2, 2nd/RWD, 1st/WD and went 4th at the national. Joshua (American Cocker Spaniel) went 1st/Best in Veteran Sweeps, and 2nd in the veteran class at the national. I would like to send a special thank you to everyone for their support over the weekend and for the comments made by other breeders and owners about my Cockers. Meant a lot to me.


Arnprior Canine Association

Was great catching up with friends, and making new ones this past weekend. Rossi (Golden Retriever) went 3rd both shows, Savina (Golden Retriever) went 1st, 1st/RWB/BPIB and 1st in sweeps, Ginny (Golden Retriever) went 3rd, Mickey went 1st/WD/BO, and 1st/WD/BOB/BPIB, Flyer went 1st/WD/BOB all 3 shows and BW 2 of them, as well as a Group 4th. For Colin Brownlee, handled Fauna (Golden Retriever) to BO; for Edgar Rojas, Loki (Rottweiler) to Group 4th, Jovi (Miniature Schnauzer) to BPIB/BPIG; and for Raul Olvera, Lila (Golden Retriever) to BPIG, Hobson (Australian Shepherd) in BIS, Bella (NS Duck Tolling Retriever) to 1st/WB/BO, and Marin (Labrador Retriever) to 1st/WB/BO. Thanks all for a good weekend and many laughs, looking forward to getting through all my photos from the past few shows!


Club Canin Rive-Sud de Montreal

A busy but entertaining weekend! Flyer went 1st, 1st/RWDx2, Mickey went 1st/WD/BPIB both shows entered, Shadow (Whippet) went 1st/WD/BOx2, Godiack (Bouvier des Flandres) went BW/BPIBx2, handled Galen (Norfolk Terrier) and Scarlett (Flat-Coat Retriever) in the groups for Emily Burdon, and Capusin (Whippet) in the group. Congrats to Emily and Emmett for their BIS!


Champlain Dog Club

Had an enjoyable weekend with good friends. Flyer went 1st/WD/BW his first show with breed competition, and 1st/RWD the following 3 shows. Piper (Pharoah Hound) went 1st/WB/BOB all 4 shows and even earned a Group 4th! Mickey went 1st/WD/BO all 3 shows, and Maddy (Siberian Husky) went BO both shows that I handled him. Congrats to all of this weekends winners.


Nickel District Kennel Club Inc.

First show of the year! It was a little rocky, but thank you to everyone for all of their support over the weekend. Flyer hit the ground running for his first show ever! He showed really well and earned 1st/WD/BOB all 6 shows and was looked at in a couple of groups. Bentley (Rough Collie) went 1st/RWD for 4 shows. Looking forward to a less rocky next show, in Petawawa!



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