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Shadyhill Kennels - Jean DeWolfe- Amerian Cocker Spaniels & Miniature Long-haired Dachshunds
Maries Kennels - Fred & Marie Cook- German Short-haired Pointers
Waternymph Kennels - Melanie & Sarah Conrad- English Springer Spaniels
Erin Leblanc - All Breed Handling Services
Beardusk Akitas - Ed Wilson
Harbour Deep Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds - Deborah & Marc Glassman
Bryden Kennels - David Swartwood- English Springer Spaniels
Osiris Kennels - Brittany & Kathy Carella- Pharoah Hounds
Malysse Kennels - Bob & Nathalie Lacroix- English Springer Spaniels & English Cocker Spaniels
Boyero Kennels - Serge Bilodeau- Bouvier des Flandres
Emily Burdon - Professional All Breed Handling
Tairis Golden Retrievers - Cyrille Young
R.A.Cockers - Kimber Lindeman- American Cocker Spaniels



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