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This is "JC". He was named after the famous Jean Claude Van Dam and one of his action movies.
He is the last male from the large litter of eight remaining at the kennel and is owned by Nancy Downing.
JC is a real couch potatoe. You cannot convince him that he is too heavy to lay right on top of your chest as you try to watch a TV program.
No matter how long you've been gone from the house, or even closed a bedroom door, he is always happy to see you and will let you know that he has missed you.
You might say that he has an obsession. He has a very large box, filled with oversized toys. Any time someone comes home, he wants to play, or he just goes by, he will grab a new toy and parade around proudly. He enjoys throwing them all over the house and then piling them in the living room as a bed for himself.

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