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Can.Ch.Springhaven's Quicksilver Flirt CD.CGC.TTA.TDI. St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog

Flirt was a wonderful dog and is dearly missed.
She enjoyed obedience with my mom and was seen frequently in Junior Handling with myself. She was a great dog for Juniors because she was always working me, she hated the ring so much.
She tackled everything with vigor and pizazz. Flirt definitely had her 'regal' moments. One moment she could be teasing another dog with his favorite toy so that he would get down off the couch, and the next moment be 'What! Put that dirty toy in my mouth? You've got to be kidding!'
Her greatest joy, and achievements came from her work as a Therapy Dog. She touched so many lives in so many different ways.

Upon her move to Nova Scotia, she took to the man of the house, Burrell; my grandfather, and would frequently herd him to the lazy boy chair. Everything was her way and she demanded attention.
She was a fantastic dog. Words cannot easily express what she meant to all of us, or those who met her.

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