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Springsport's Naughty Marietta

Diva at 13 years old.

March 29, 1996- March 25, 2010

"Diva" was a dog that truly lived up to her name. She was also a very special soul. After a very brave battle with cancer, the family at Springsport gets a little smaller.

She had always been a dog that has wanted to please. She would stand on her eyelashes if it would get her attention and make you happy. She spent her final years as a single dog with Christine and Adrian.

Her path in life lay not i show ring, but in bringing unmatched love and joy to her person, Christine. She was however a stunning representation of the physical ESS standard. She was shown only a couple of times as a youngster and earned most of her Can.Ch. She also made her final appearance as the oldest attending dog at 12 & 1/2 years old at the 2008 ESS Canadian National Specialty. She held her own, earning wonderful comments from both judges and receiving a 2nd in Veteran Sweeps and 3rd in a large class of Veteran bitches.

Diva made an impression on everyone she met. She was affectionately referred to as our "Demon Dog" at home. She will be greatly missed by a large number of people, but we have 14 years of amazing memories and stories. She will continue to live on in our hearts as she now runs free with the other greats of Springsport now past.

We love you and we miss you.

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