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About my Artwork


From the very beginning, there was always some sort of drawing medium in my hand. Inspired by this, and by the urging of my friends and family, I continued pursuing my interest which soon became a passion.

My favorite medium has always been pencil, but in High School I was introduced to Conte pastel which is now a very close second. Both allow me to recreate with extreme detail and realism, the subject of my artwork. I do also enjoy oil and chalk pastel, coloured pencil, and have been dabbling in water colour and acrylic paints.

Also in high school, my teacher gave us an assignment which quickly became an obsession for me. Within a couple of weeks, I had produced near one hundred ink drawings. These drawings, are silhouettes of an animal, created by their name. I scoured old Dog's in Canada magazines for great photos of different breeds of dogs. It is a very striking image which I enjoy creating, and I have even created a couple of these for logos.

Another passion of mine is photography. The eye that I have developed through drawing and at dog shows, has enhanced my eye for photography. I have worked with film cameras, 35mm cameras and many different digital cameras.

I am extremely happy with my progress in both areas of my fine art interests and am always looking to further develop them.